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So… here’s my gamercard!

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  • fishsponge’s Xbox – October 23 2014
    I heard someone tell fishsponge to go play outside and he was like ‘screw that!’ so we did some gaming. Our gamerscore is currently 19,320 points. He rallied AC Brotherhood on 360, and after that powered me down without even saying good night. I mean what the heck?

    Did I mention the gamerscore challenge that fishsponge is competing in? If you want to see how good I’m doing, check it out! There are 9 other people involved. I didn’t know fishsponge even knew that many people. fishsponge has the number 3 spot… But with 4 days left and plenty of achievements out there, we’ve got this one in the bag. Let’s make it happen.

  • fishsponge’s Xbox – October 22 2014
    What time is it? Time to tell you about yesterday when fishsponge came to play. Gamer score stands at 19,320. He rallied AC Brotherhood on 360, and… hmmm… I forget what else we did…

    A big shift in score is coming soon as well. fishsponge is competing in a gamerscore challenge titled ‘Auto Challenge – #105785‘ and looking to win big. Expect a lot of games, a lot of points, and no sleep!

  • fishsponge’s Xbox – October 21 2014
    fishsponge brought the pain yesterday… the good kind… the gaming kind. We are up to 19,320 points of gamerscore. Jealous? That is a profit of 30 points over last time! He rallied AC Brotherhood gaining 1 achievement on 360, and… hmmm… I forget what else we did…
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