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  • fishsponge’s Xbox – October 21 2014
    fishsponge brought the pain yesterday… the good kind… the gaming kind. We are up to 19,320 points of gamerscore. Jealous? That is a profit of 30 points over last time! He rallied AC Brotherhood gaining 1 achievement on 360, and… hmmm… I forget what else we did…
  • fishsponge’s Weekly Recap – Oct 20 2014
    It is that time of the week. I got your weekly recap right here: Not two, not five, but SEVEN days of gaming in a row! Last week was as solid as it gets when it comes to fishsponge throwing down with the games. Our gamerscore jumped 95 points which was nice. Getting 6 achievements has that effect.

    I was lucky enough to sample 3 new tasty treats during the week! Game names are Darksiders II, DiRT 3, and Ridge Racer 6. Look for us in the leaderboards… maybe… Also, I think fishsponge’s favorite game last week was DiRT 3. He played it on 4 of the days.

    So there you have it… Check back next week for another report from yours truly.

  • fishsponge’s Xbox – October 20 2014
    I love to game, you love to game, fishsponge loves to game, we all love to game! 19,290 points FTW!!! He rocked out to AC Brotherhood on 360, and I think there was some random Live Marketplace browsing, but I wasn’t paying attention.

    Oh, remember the challenge that fishsponge was competing in? Well, it’s over. Guess who the big loser was? fishsponge … booo… oh well. we tried… came in at number 6. Someone once said, ‘Winning isn’t everything.’ Although, losing isn’t anything. fishsponge, I want you to think about this while you go sign us up for another challenge.

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