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  • fishsponge’s Weekly Recap – Jan 12 2015
    Watch closely because here comes the recap… if you aren’t paying attention, you might miss it: So yeah… Last week fishsponge showed up 6 days total and logged some serious gaming. We added 85 points of gamerscore. Points are good! Those 46 achievements were worth it I guess! Oh, and fishsponge seems obsessed with puzzle games lately… You can tell because Peggle was the favorite last week. He played it on 6 of the days.

    So that’s it for now. It was a good week. On to the next one.

  • fishsponge’s Xbox – January 12 2015
    Consoles are for playing! I am glad fishsponge picked up on that yesterday… Gamerscore is a respectful 20,840 points. That is a gain of 45 points over last time! He rallied BioShock Infinite winning 3 achievements, Peggle on 360, and then fishsponge went to get some food. I told him to bring me back something but I got seriously dissed.

    Also, remember the challenge that fishsponge was participating in? It has wrapped up. We may have earned an ‘A’ for effort in this challenge, but they don’t give out very many points for effort, some… but not many… you gotta win… maybe next time! That’s ok though… at least I got into some group-action against 9 other gamers… giggidy…

  • fishsponge’s Xbox – January 11 2015
    fishsponge really threw down yesterday. It was good to see! I wish you could have been there! Last time I checked, his gamer score is 20,795. That is an increase of 10 points over last time! He rocked out to Game Room, BioShock Infinite winning 1 achievement, Peggle on 360, and then fishsponge developed a funny twitch and went to try and sleep it off or something. Crazy humans…

    Hey, I almost forgot! The gamerscore challenge that fishsponge is competing in is on day 1 and we’re doing our best to win this thing. If you are curious, follow along over here. There are 9 other people involved. I didn’t know fishsponge even knew that many people. Currently fishsponge is hanging on to the number 2 spot. So many achievements… so little time. No, seriously. We only have a day left to win this challenge. Let’s go!

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