You may or may not know that I own a 1966 Matchless G3 motorcycle, which was left to me by my Grandad at the start of the millennium.

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The bike has it’s own web site here, but a brief history can be found below.

It is a single-cylinder, 350cc bike built at the Plumstead Works in London in 1966, the day before the Associated Motorcycles (AMC) factory was taken over by Norton Villiers. The takeover was due to AMC going bust, and Norton Villiers immediately halted production of the G3 and various other bikes.

The bike ended up being bought by a couple of people over the first few years, before my Grandad spotted it on the garage forecourt near his house in the early seventies. He could not afford the bike at this time, but a close family friend bought it at that time and 10 years later dismantled the bike (with the intention of rebuilding it!) and moved to York!

The bike was never assembled as it was intended to have been, and was then sold to my Grandad in the early 80s in boxes and bags.

My Grandad then assembled the bike in his 6′x4′ shed and kept it on the road for the next 20 years or so, before sadly passing away and leaving the bike to me.

The bike then sat in my parent’s garage for almost 10 years (I was at university, no money, always saying “I’ll get around to it soon” etc…) before I brought the bike home and got it back on the road.

I had no mechanical skills whatsoever and no bike license, but within a couple of months I had a bike license and clearly enough mechanical skills to get the bike through it’s first MOT in a decade!

From that point on, (early 2008), I have been riding and repairing the bike as need be and as of Feb 2010, at least, I’ve achieved roughly 2,000 miles per year on it!

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