This is Part 7 of the 10-part “2011 Steam Videos” series showing you some of the more specific videos I have produced over the 2011 steam rally season, focusing on some particular exhibits, displays and events in or around the steam rallies themselves.

In this episode you will see an evening road run on Aveling & Porter steam tractor “Margaret” leaving Bedfordshire Steam & Country Fayre 2011 to pop along to the local pub. “Margaret” had her usual trailer behind her with several of us in it for the journey and the weather was truly awful!

If you cannot see the video above, you can view it directly on Youtube here: Youtube – Road Run To The Pub from Bedfordshire Steam Rally and Country Fayre 2011

Thanks to Bob Jakes for letting us travel on his engine, and thanks to Pete and Michael for driving and steering us there and back!

There’s an interesting article on “Margaret” here: Aveling Tractor Margaret – Old Glory Magazine.

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