This is Part 3 of the 10-part “2011 Steam Videos” series showing you some of the more specific videos I have produced over the 2011 steam rally season, focusing on some particular exhibits, displays and events in or around the steam rallies themselves.

In this episode you will see a demonstration of a vintage trench rammer at Haddenham Steam Rally. This particular model is a “Benjo” made by Warsop and was designed for packing down backfill put into trenches, hence the name “trench rammer”.

If you cannot see the video above, you can view it directly on Youtube here: Youtube – Warsop Benjo Power Rammer Demonstration at Haddenham Steam Rally 2011

You can read a fascinating article about Warsop here: The History of Warsop and its Machines by Donald G. Whiting.

Thanks to Fairport Construction Equipment Ltd., who now encompasses Warsop, for hosting the document too!

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